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 Welcome to Mathsarc Education

The Mathsarc Education platform is a dream of an IIT Kanpur Alumni. He did schooling from a village having lacuna in the field of education. He is also a alumni of Jawahara Navodaya Vidhyalaya Baruasagar Jhansi.
Mathsarc is a boon for students living in remote area, having scarcity of qualified people to educate them. It provide a competitive edge learning platform in various fields like Engineering Exams (IIT JEE Mains/Advanced, MHCET, BITSAT and others), Medical Exams (NEET – AIPMT, AIIMS and others), Olympiad Exams, NTSE, KVPY, CAT, BANKING and others. Mathsarc Education is for every one related to educational revolution in the world.

Authors can write up notes for their life time royalty. If he has something very special, that can make a difference, then there is no need to write a long book, just have a short note, questions and their answers to justify their thinking in the field related to competitive exams. It will be their unique identity to the world.

Students can connect to the teachers in the world as per their requirements. They can have consultancy from various authors, teachers, professors and educators. Even they can have various online/offline classes delivered by Mathsarc Education. They can create groups to hire a nearby best rated tutor. Students can purchase Books and Best Study Material, have test series, can put doubt, can improve their learning through news feed. Can have time test for real exams, can know their weak part in education, and much more

Educators can have online test for their students for having a demonstration before actual exam. Can upload time table, can check performance of their students w.r.t. others and much more. Explore yourself.

Online Educational Shop: The shop is only mean for educational products like, Books, Test series of various discipline, Practice Papers, Study Package e.t.c. Mathsarc will sell the best book for competitive exam preparation with consultation of expert. Even you can have them from nearby book store.

Inspirations for Competitors: Achievers define their path of success and inspire the new one to follow the same. Their guidelines are keys of success. Get interviews of different personalities by their own words.

Hire Faculty/Teachers: Getting a experienced, fan following, Intelligent, learning expert in educational field is very rare. You have to take help of different faculty providers who take charges of ½ to 1 month of salary of hiring faculties, teachers and professors.

Online Counseling of Students/Parents: Meet different counselors in different field and know your child aptitude towards different field. Your child, student may not excel in one field but he/ she may be good in another so by having counseling from Mathsarc Education, you can be a smarter one. The best part of the Mathsarc Education is to connect the world in the field of Education and hence be a part of it and make a change.

Educational Security for Students, Teachers and Educators: Now a day, it’s common to breach the contract signed by faculties, teachers and educators. Which leads to disturbance of students study, sometime it becomes an obstacle in achieving the goal. There are so many possibilities of misconduct like (Employer cheats Employee, Employee cheats employer, Employee work under pressure, Employer cut some part of salary due to any reasons). Mathsarc provide Faculty by signing a mutual contract/ Affidavit and having security deposit from employee and employer both at the time of joining. It will release at the time of completion of tenure. Mathsarc also reserved the better teachers for Plan B. |
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